Arapaho Flag

Arapaho FlagThe Arapaho Flag was created in 1936 as a sign of respect and remembrance for the Arapaho War Veterans. The three colors used each have a different meaning and symbolism:

  • Red is for the People.
  • Black so the People will be strong and unfearing of death.
  • White represents knowledge to be passed on to the young.
  • The seven stripes each represent one of the Seven Medicines of Life.
  • The White triangle signifies the way one begins a prayer. “Hey-so-no-ne-hoe-.” “Great Spirit, that’s the way I want it.”
  • The circle in the exact center of the triangle is Black on the left, because that’s where the heart is.
  • The right side of the circle is Red representing the human side, for our happiness, strength and sorrowful ways.
  • The White line dividing the two spheres represents the Great Spirit so we will not forget who created us. The entire circle represents the world, the center of our lives. The Arapaho People approved and adopted the flag in 1956