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Councilman Spoonhunter named to federal Tribal Intergovernmental Advisory Committee

First-ever committee will advise U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Ethete, WY – The Northern Arapaho Business Council is pleased to announce Councilman Lee Spoonhunter has been named to a newly-formed Tribal Intergovernmental Advisory Committee that will consult with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on housing issues impacting Indian Country.

Councilman Spoonhunter is among 15 individuals appointed to the committee, representing American Indian tribes and Alaska Native peoples across the country.

“Housing is a primary concern on the Wind River Reservation and across Indian Country,” Councilman Spoonhunter said. “I look forward to representing the Arapaho people as part of this important committee and working with our fellow committee members and the Biden administration to make sure Native voices are heard on these issues that impact our families every day.”

The Tribal Intergovernmental Advisory Committee supplements existing Tribal consultation and, according to HUD, is intended to “strengthen the nation-to-nation relationship between HUD and Tribal communities, coordinate policy across all HUD programs, and advise on the housing priorities of the American Indian and Alaska Native peoples.”

Councilman Spoonhunter will serve a 2-year term on the new committee.
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2 days ago

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Man this is not right 🤬😡 oh well we will just creat a position for you to continue to do nothing. Your right no one on the last council was worried with housing what a joke ‼️ oh where’s our water operators certification for their job we paying $30 an hour for is he certified like my brother was??

Seriously!!!!!!! In over what 6 year's!!! Does HUD do background checks?!?! This NABC Member hasn't worried about our Northern Arapaho Housing Needs in over 6 years! Has this Council Member ever owned their own housing? Ever closed on a home.......I mean give me a break! Our One NABC only and forever sponsoring themselves!!!!!!!! U Go Guy, dont forget that ribbon shirt when ur clicking "the moment" Take pictures with our Housing in the background!!! I'm going to send a couple of pictures myself!!!! Crap!

I certainly hope and pray that Mr. Spoonhunter will not let ego, title, and accolades get in the way of taking take effective, efficient action on this critical issue...and that Tribal members will hold him accountable, every step of the way. Congratulations, but...change needed to happen, like a loong time ago.

be careful the government doesn’t help us too much and they have the writing somewhere in all the paperwork that they own our property in the end

Congratulations wow you are amazing , thank you for all you do !

Keep up good work

Congratulations on your appointment to this new committee!!! The Arapaho tribe is lucky to have someone who works hard for his people! So proud of you!

At what cost?

Congratulations. The perfect choice to represent all of our tribal nations!

Congratulations Lee!

Awesome now get your ass up there and make some changes Amigo. Congratulations


Congratulations Lee!


Congratulations 👏🏼





Nii’itoon 💯



allllright LEE!!!!

Bet people wouldn’t be congratulating him if they saw his travel for the passed 6 years. Looks like this will cost our tribe a lot to send him to Washington DC. SMH 🤦🏻‍♂️

Tell them isis ain't welcome or liked.

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3 days ago

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That’s awesome

OMG I need some!!!

Does baby have to be here yet?!

Willie C Hair

Trina J Harris?

Josie E Antelope

Taylor Addison Aaron Willow

Jeneã Røse

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4 days ago

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Help college student? Only if they are enrolled....there are more then just enrolled members that need help. Enrolled or not a decendant of our tribe should get the same benefits as those enrolled..the council only help who they want and that's it

Okay so for starters the blue sky higher education grant is a joke and they need to extend the deadline for college students. People who are not eligible for the program are ones that decide to go back to school once the semester starts. They are left out of the equation because the person who created the program only focuses on the younger generation and not our current generation or previous generations. I feel if we removed the deadline from it and accepted all tribal members who are trying to get their education we could actually help our tribe grow. It's not right to exclude our older tribal members from education programs. Whoever created the program could of made it to where we could apply for it even mid semester but no. They limited to the ones who are just coming out of high school and that's not fair. The only reason I'm making this point is because I know people who tried to apply for it and didn't receive it. Only because they didn't make the deadline and that's keeping our people from furthering our education. The tribe claims to help our people but how is limiting a program to the younger generation helping our people? Some people didn't have the chance to finish high school and instead went straight to working. Some got their lives turned upside from abuse and neglect yet they get excluded from the equation because they didn't finish high school and they had to get their GED. Most people don't even have a schedule made by the deadline and that's unfair too. Look all I'm saying is we as a tribe should adjust some of our programs and priorities so it could actually help our people. It's not fair for mixed blood that's enrolled in a different tribe but not enrolled Arapaho can't receive help just because they are enrolled in a different tribe. Everyone who's Arapaho and is enrolled into a different tribe isn't their fault. Some tribes don't even help you because your mixed tribes and that's even more messed up. Our people need help and if we opened up the program to more people then we as a tribe could grow. EVERYONE DESERVES AN EDUCATION NOT JUST THE YOUNGER GENERATION.

Hemp production. That would definitely bring in more job opportunities.

Ayut Bon Ridgley where were you lol jk

M llpkppjpj

No fokin bonus err what

Jobs would have been good…but hey…maybe next time…

Jfrt yup tÿÿ

Last year when the veterans helped with the New Veterans memorial in fort washakie. One of the council memebers said that they wanted to help improve veterans that seek help on the Rez and get more resources in place for native veterans But that hasn’t happened sadly…. This was said in front of all those who were in attendance at the new memorial…. Kinda pisses me off actually for a council member to say such things but don’t put in any effort to make do on what they said…. A lot of Arapaho combat veterans are in very tough situations not just mentally. But physically.

I'm writing a Congressional....when the WY Govt. get's Northern Arapaho's General Council Approval on funding 1 through K, have at it, untill then, "No DIALOGUE!!!" That's a big NO! Our Elders need help with our Arapaho Housing NEEDS!!!! Like it was reported in County 10, "...owned by the Northern Arapaho Tribe ....We OWN it, We Northern Arapaho's own that PROFIT, where's the Financials?

After what, 6 Year's on Our NABC for some, over term limits for TWO!!! Gee! Ha-hou.....

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In remembrance of the Sand Creek Massacre, the Northern Arapaho Tribal offices will be closed November 29, 2022. ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

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Almost thot said were getting a sandcreek check jk 🤣


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Public notice for Northern Arapaho Tribe Swearing In Ceremony: ... See MoreSee Less

Public notice for Northern Arapaho Tribe Swearing In Ceremony:
7 days ago

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Will there be T.P.?

Congrats to all elected officials 👍 👌 ❤️

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